School Based Mental Health Care: support and treatment for students at a Kentalis School in The Netherlands

In this workshop we mainly let the students of the treatment group (age range: 8-12) and their parents speak through video material. This is about how they experience this treatment group at a special school for deaf and hard of hearing students.

This treatment group has been developed for deaf and hard of hearing students with psychiatric problems. Because of these problems, they demand a lot of extra time and attention from their teacher. This does not leave enough time for the regular curriculum.  The behavioral problems can also have an impact on the safety of the student and that of the other students in the classroom.  Finally, their school performance may suffer so significantly from these problems that the students in question are at risk of dropping out. The treatment spans across four half-days a week. The students attend lessons in their own classroom during the other half of the day. It is an intensive form of treatment,  which has led to a great improvements in their behavior and school performance. 

The treatment is given by a deaf behavioral therapist from GGMD and a hearing schoolteacher. The school based treatment is supported by the team of professionals working at GGMD, ambulatory Mental Health Care Service  for Deaf people. This team includes deaf, hard of hearing and hearing professionals. They can be involved with treating or supporting the parents or the whole system of the students. There is extensive cooperation with the school in order to be able to generalize the learned behavior changes of the students to daily functioning in their own classroom.