Looking ahead after childhood mental health problems

Nynke Dethmers is one of the founders of Psywel (Psychological Well-being), a program monitoring psychological well-being and problems in DHH students by 2 yearly screening and offering specialist counseling and treatment. She is affiliated with Kentalis, where she works as PhD researcher on the current state of mental health problems in DHH children and adolescents, as school-psychologist at Signis, school for DHH students in Amsterdam and as staff member of Deelkracht, developing information products for parents, professionals and DHH youth with mental health needs.

Sandra is a director and psychologist. As one of the founders of Psywel (psychological well-being), she provides information about the early intervention program and threatment for psychological problems in DHH children and adolescents. Sandra works as a principal at Kentalis Compas College, a secondary special education for DHH youth. This school provides education with its own location and in collaboration with 2 regular secondary schools

We will take you through the stories of 5 young adults, their experiences with mental distress and the help they received in the process. We will interact and give you, the audience, insight into experiences, tips and opportunities to reshape mental health care. We begin by giving a brief insight into where to find more information about mental health issues for DHH youth in the Netherlands (products and website). The collaboration between the moderators and DHH youth in creating the Psywel JONG website was the inspiration for the presentation during Joining Forces 2024. During this presentation, the young adults tell in brief what they tell their peers more extensively on the website.